The walk started at 9.45 am at Tangaza via the Fair Acres Rd., then to the Langata-Karen Rd. At the Go-Left junction the group turned to the Karen Rd. passing the Karen Blixen Museum to the Bogani Rd.The sun was up and scorching at this hour. The group thronged along the road causing jam. The first group kept almost a 2 kilometer gap while the last group trailed.


Scorching Sun
“At first it was fun- but after a while the sun was up and we got weary but we had a call and a target, to raise some fund and reach 10 kilometers” says Andrea one of the participants.

Half the way some of the participants seemed exhausted but had a determination to keep walking. “I almost gave up, I thought of getting into the bus or ambulance,” one of the Sisters.
Mr. Brian Muturi: Director Zegens Venture -Son to Speaker of the National Assembly Hon. Muturi flagged off the event. Both old and young took part in the walk. Each tried to outsmart the other.


Before the walk started there was 15 minutes warm-up and 30 minutes warmdown with the assistance of an Athletic Kenya Official.

“Doing good holds the power to transform us on the inside, and then ripple out in ever-expanding circles that positively impact the world at large,” Shari Arison.

True to Tangazas core values the walk upheld the preferential option for the poor and the mission proclaiming the mystery of faith. The walk was a success and we hope that the spirit shall be upheld.